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The West Piedmont Better Housing Coalition, Inc. was organized to develop the West Piedmont Planning District's Continuum of Care planning and implementation of services to address homelessness in the area.  The organization evolved from a Steering Committee made up of representatives from a wide variety of public and private agencies and organizations to address the needs of homeless individuals from the cities of Danville and Martinsville as well as the counties of Franklin, Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania, Virginia.  The West Piedmont Better Housing Coalition, Inc. seeks to assure that every individual and family, including the at-risk, has a safe, quality, and affordable place to live.  We seek to provide a continuum of Care for the citizens of these areas.

West Piedmont Better Housing Coalition

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Our Mission

The Coalition will advocate for safe, quality and affordable housing for those in need, including the homeless, through leadership, assessment, coordination and expansion of existing services and creation of new resources.

Our Vision

We envision a community where people facing housing obstacles are met with an organized and committed support system to help them achieve housing stability.

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